An Analysis of EU exits

The EU is in a deep crisis.
The internal crisis are: EURO, high debt rates of the members, Grexit, Brexit. Greatbritain as an important member of the EU don’t accept the existing rules. Now it has special rights. This special role has been won against Germany what means Greatbritain is working against Germany. Greatbritain is now a contra pole to the french-german efforts developing a EU with one voice. Greatbritain’s special role is more dangerous for the EU as the Grexit.

Greatbritain as a well functioning rich EU state sends out a destructive message to the rest of the EU. The message is: I have my on rules and i will reach a better economic situation without  the existing rules.

This British thinking and behaviour will have consequences: The German people are beginning to think and vote like in UK. Last Sunday,  AFD a ultranationalist party gained 15% of the votes in the Communities of Hessen. The next Prime Minister election in Rheinland-Pfalz is comming soon. Next Weekend. AFD will be a Part of The Parliament of Rheinland-Pfalz.

This will be a Milestone for the Germans to think about a German

I hope the EU will survive this.

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